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Camera Lens Cup

Smile for the coffee mug! Okay fine. Smile after you’ve had what’s in the coffee mug.

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As children of the 80s, it still blows our minds that today's youth have access to so many awesome, mayhem-inducing products. Gag gifts, pranks, gadgets, you name it and it'll be at your door in just a few days. We've hand-picked what we think is the coolest, most awesome stuff on Whether you're looking for a present for someone, or just hoping to have a little fun, we hope you enjoy list of cool things to buy on Amazon.

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Our search for the most awesome, craziest and best things on Amazon never ends. We update Cool Stuff on Amazon several times a week, so be sure to check back for great deals on these unique items.

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Why do we limit or selections to Amazon? They really are the global marketplace, and as such they sell goods from unique, small sellers that allow niches that can't be found anywhere else. Also, due to the popularity of services like Amazon Prime, their reach into family households is simply amazing.

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Monthly Updates

If you’d like to get an email once a month with new great stuff, just enter your email address below.

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We're pranksters at heart, and are absolutely in love with cool gadgets and awesome gag gifts. We're also cheapskates, which is why we've scoured Amazon, looking for the ultimate combination for a product: awesome and cheap! If you like this type of thing, we'd love a follow on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

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