8 Pounds of Gummi Bears

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What can you do with 8 lbs of gummi bears? What can’t you do? Just imagine how popular you’d be if you gave each trick-or-treater one of these big ass bags of gummi bears!

  • Haribo
  • Also come in smaller bag sizes, but then what's the point?
  • Also known as "gummy bears"
Rating: 4.5 stars 3,570 customer reviews
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Comment gold: "First let me start this off with a description of who I am, My name is Robert, I live in what used to be Tucsan Arizona, and after this story is done you will know why I say used to be. I am 34 years old and work as a contractor. I'm a bit of a health nerd who works out seven times a week and eats only the top of the line protein shakes and other nastiness that is my lifes blood. Im single, and after this I doubt any lady will ever come near me again. Anyways one day in my normal everyday life I decide to peruse the internet and to a lesser extent Amazon. My teeth were unfortunate enough to have a sweet tooth and nothing in my kitchen was anywhere near sugar-free yet sweet to the core, so I decided that I may as well search for something that might satisfy me in times like this. Then the miracle that is Haribo came upon my search window. The price for a 5 pound bag was nothing but a steal, so my finger decided to hover over the purchase button, and for a moment my finger just stood there a ominous sign for the things to come. And with over zealous enthusiasum i pressed the order button and thus my death was secure." Continue Reading...
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