Analyze Your Poop

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“What’s Your Poo Telling You?” is a funny book about the most curious of topics. Poop. Well-written and much loved, this book will appeal to everyone who loves fecal matter. (heh)

  • Floaters, log jams, glass shards, deja poo, the hanging chad. ┬áNo topic is off-limits.
  • Printed on real, old-school, paper.
Rating: 4.5 stars 510 customer reviews
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Amazon reviews: "I just finished reading this book cover to cover. The only time I set it down was to wipe away the tears from side-splitting laughter. The chapter on "sneak attack" poos and the "hanging chad" poos made me burst into laughter so hard that several of my work colleagues came by to see what was going on. The book combines great advice, accurate descriptions and solid medical medical reasoning for each type of poo. No longer will I wonder why my poo is the way it is. Great, fun book and perfect for a quick bathroom read." "Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who thinks poo is funny. But this book is SO HILARIOUS that everyone who sees it can't stop talking about poo. It's fantastic! I also learned a lot about poo because of the excellent commentary by the M.D. I bet that the author Josh Richman was in some kind of weird fraternity hazing ritual to think this much about poo--even though I'm no frat boy I think everyone will love this book!!!" "This book gave names to lots of different kinds of poo. It's a funny conversation piece to have around. After each description of a type of poo there is a so-called explanation that is meant to educate. This is the part that disappointed me. I wanted specifics. I wanted to know exactly how these things happen so that I could improve my own diet. The information given was stuff I already knew, and not very specific. But maybe you don't know it, in which case this may be for you. Either way, it is entertaining and low-priced so I do not regret my purchase."
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