Fake Pregnancy Test

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There’s nothing more funny than the chills-down-your-spine, panic inducing news that you’re pregnant! Oh, I guess the false elation over discovering that you’ve finally succeeded at reproducing after years of trying… that’s pretty funny too?

  • Always turns positive, indicating pregnancy
  • "Absolutely no way for anyone to know the test is fake". Except for a male I suppose.
  • Includes 2 tests
Rating: 3.5 stars 36 customer reviews
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The Amazon comments are gold here. "The wife and I gave this joke pregnancy test to our 6 year old daughter when she got back from her first day of nursery school. She cried for 3 months, which was so funny! When she found out she was too young for an abortion she made a deal with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost that if they took care of things sub rosa she'd become a nun, which is a great thing since now she's committed to a fine profession for eternity and we don't have to put away money every week to send her to college." "Got these to force a confession. Worked perfectly."  
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