Credit Card Knife Collection

Congrats to the winners of the Credit Card Knife giveaway. They are: Lukas from California, Samantha from Florida and Jane from Canada.

Credit card knives are all the rage these days. The novelty of carrying an incredibly sharp piece of metal in your wallet, just millimeters from your derrière, is fascinating. In all seriousness, having a versatile tool with you at all times can really come in handy.

We’ve taken a look at some of the knives out there, and here are a few that stand out. Click for more information and pricing. (man, these things are inexpensive!)


Boker Plus Credit Card Knife

Titanium and steel mixed for a compact knife. Read the reviews first though.


DG Sports Cardsharp

Black and compact with a locking tab.


Yanseller Folding Safety Knife

Similar to the DG Sports, but less expensive and more highly rated.


SOG Credit Card Companion

The big daddy of the bunch, the SOG has 9 tools and people just love it.


Cut It Card

Awesome design, awesome reviews. Does one thing, and does it well.

Ian Sinclair Knife

Iain Sinclair Design Cardsharp2 Credit Card Knife

#1 rated pocket knife on Amazon. 855 reviews. Sweet.

Tactical Elite 10 in 1

Tactical Elite 10 in 1 Multipurpose Survival Tool

Very good knife with 10 tools built in.


Rayburn 11 in 1

A different take on the credit card knife, this stainless still card does so much more than cut.

Most of these credit card knives are intended to be used in a jam, and are not great for long-term usage. It’s understandable given the severe design constraints of something this small and thin. Maybe someone will release an affordable titanium version? We hope you find one you like, and if we missed one, please let us know.

Update on 10/13: We added the Iain Sinclair knife to the list, since it has become so popular. While we’ve not had a chance to check it out ourselves, we’d love to hear from anyone who has.

Update on 9/5: We added the Tactical Elite 10 in 1 Multipurpose Survival Tool, which is a very good general purpose tool collection for your pocket.

Update on 1/2: We removed this BaiFM Cardsharp, since it is no longer available. We’ll look for an alternative to it soon.