USB Pole Dancer

USB Pole Dancer product photo

The only thing that could improve this little pole dancer would be if it gave off a subtle aroma of sadness, desperation and daddy issues.

  • It's USB powered for non-obvious reasons
  • Will dance along to whatever music you pipe into it (through your "IPOD")
  • Clearly labeled "Pole Dancer" on the front, lest you mistake it for something else
Rating: 3.5 stars 6 customer reviews
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Ok, let's break down this product description. "The USB Pole Dancer is the optimal gift for the person who always wanted to have their own private dancer but never had the means" I recant what was written above, there is no subtlety to the aroma of sadness and despair. "Three multi-colored disco lights in the base unit serve to recreate an authentic nightclub atmosphere." If by "nightclub atmosphere" they mean dingy basement with little more than a pile of empty 2-liters and a outdated stash of porn, then yes.
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