1,000 Live Crickets

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In many countries, crickets are considered good luck. What could be more lucky than having a box of 1,000 shipped to your (or your worst enemy’s) house? Is it bad luck if half of them arrive dead?

  • They're 1" long.  Take a look at a ruler, that's a pretty damn big cricket.
  • They come in no packaging other than the box.  (Yeah... open it outside the house)
Rating: 3.5 stars 94 customer reviews
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Choice quotes from the Amazon reviews: "I cut open the outside box and HUNDREDS of crickets jumped out, on me, into my bedroom & the entire house. They are in my underwear drawer, closet, and crawling on my toothbrush. My roommate is always screaming. They drown in our coffee, eat my bread, and are on every wall, and scare the crap out of me by jumping on me while watching scary movies." "And they excrete everywhere!" "More ants than crickets"
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