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It’s well-known that we’re connoisseurs of big beanbag chairs, and this is our favorite.  This beast is technically not full of beans, but “fuf foam“.  It’s hard to overstate how big this really is.  You think “7 feet by 5 feet, I know how big that is”. No you don’t, it’s enormous.  But… if you’re in the market for a huge couch/bed/beanbag chair, stop shopping now and buy it.

  • Let us say it again, this thing is 7' x 5' x 3.3'.  Big.
  • Available in steel grey, espresso, black onyx, sand dune, blue sky and sierra red. No word yet on blue steel or magnum.
Rating: 3.5 stars 1,264 customer reviews
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If you can't handle all 7 feet, you might be interested in the 6 foot or the 4 foot versions.  Wuss. Whether you're in the market for a chair this big because you want to snuggle up with your snookums, or you just have a really, really big ass, this is the chair to get.  Perfect for watching movies and just generally lounging around.
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