Amazon Halloween Costumes

It’s that spooky time of year, and we set out to find some of the best Halloween costumes and decorations from Amazon. Whether you’re going for funny, scary or sexy, you’re sure to find the perfect outfit to do your trick-or-treating.

Plug and Socket Costume

If the excessive PDA wasn’t enough for your friends, the blatant innuendo costume you wear to the party oughta do the trick. Try not to spill!

  • Includes 2 costumes for the price of one!
  • Polyester

The electricity is all metaphorical. And gross.

This Is My Halloween Costume

Lazy? I don’t think so. You had to navigate to 2 different websites and click a bunch of times to get this hilarious costume delivered to your house.

  • Available in orange and black, short sleeve and long sleeve.
  • 100% soft spun cotton (ooh!)

Don’t forget about the pants part of the outfit. Doesn’t come included here.

Spider Earrings

Really authentic spider earrings! Looks exactly like a piece of jewelry molded to look like a spider.

  • 2 pieces: front and back of spider
  • Made of alloy

You can also turn your body into a webby home for your new spider earring pals with these leggings.

Reusable Blood Bag Drink Holders

Halloween party, gag gift, vampire fetish… These are the questions you won’t be asked when you order.

  • 10 empty bags per set
  • Funnel and clip style stopper prevent [typically inevitable] spillage
  • Pre-stamped hole at top allows for hanging

Drink out of them or just hang them around the house as authentic-looking Halloween decorations.

Bloody Butcher Knife Phone Case

This phone case is just the thing to let everyone around you know you’re not at all creepy or suspicious.

  • Fits iPhone 6 Plus NOT iPhone 6 or 6s (because it’s a huge butcher knife)
  • Glossy synthetic leather
  • Does not restrict access to ports and buttons

Serves as more of a decorative item than a protective cover.

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

It’s Halloween, the Night Of The Living Alcoholics. This personally-crafted zombie wine holder knows what I’m talking about.

  • 12″ x 6″ x 7 3/4″ high
  • Weighs around 2.9 lbs
  • Zombie holders are individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin

Complete your Zombie home decor with this Zombie Salt & Pepper holder.

Yoda Candy Holder

Ah, candy you want. Stand completely still and offer it, I will.

  • Stands 18” tall
  • Removable plastic bowl
  • Flat back allows it to stand against a wall

Fill out the Star Wars candy theme with an Ewok and Boba Fett.